A Planner’s Guide to Disney World

Amanda Di RienzoFebruary 4, 2020


We went to Disney World… twice… with our now 21-month old (Jan 25, 2019 and Jan 11, 2020) . The first time, she was 9 months old. Were we nervous about travelling? The first time, the unknown of the plane ride stressed us… Disney? It never stressed us.

How many Disney trips, you ask? In addition to our two recent January trips:
• Anthony and I took our first trip to Disney in November 2011 – we did 6 parks (4xDisney + Universal + Island of Adventures) in 8 days.
• Anthony “won a trip” and proposed to me at Cinderella’s well at the foot of the castle in December 2012. The only time I have ever been surprised in my life!
• One of my best friends and I celebrated her bachelorette getaway in April 2015.
• Disney has been a part of my life since I was two; my parents would take us often.
... So trust me when I say, we’ve got Disney World covered.

Back to our recent Disney trips with Lea… To give you context, leaving in January means leaving freezing Montreal weather for unpredictable Orlando weather. This translates to two oversized suitcases (50 and 70 lbs, literally had to pay extra $... first trip had lots of baby formula, and second trip still had an entire pharmacy) + three carry-ons (mommy backpack with activities, daddy backpack with snacks, rolling luggage with change of clothes, diapers, saline spray, medicine, water, etc) + collapsible stroller (Summer Infant 3D Flip - don't even consider buying anything else!) + a small human. We'd head-count 7 items at every check-point.

Everyone's always asking me Disney advice so rather than share my tips with friends through text… here it is, all spelled out for you in one long scroll. No more Googling for you… cause who has time for that? My husband says I should charge for this guide, haha!

Just to be clear: Disney World is the entire land owned by Walt Disney that includes resorts and park – once you drive under that famous arch, you are in the “World”. Magic Kingdom is the park with Cinderella’s Castle, in Orlando. Disneyland is the park with Sleeping Beauty's Castle, in California.


•  Visit off-season (Jan-Feb-Sep-Oct). Don’t believe me? Here’s the crowd calendar: www.undercovertourist.com/orlando/crowd-calendar/february-2020/

•  Book your vacation early. If you think booking a last-minute surprise to Disney is a good idea, be ready for disappointment. The closer a hotel is to selling out, the higher the room price. Also, Fast Passes and restaurants book up, so you won't do many rides or get into the best restaurants – we’ll touch on that later.

•  Keep an eye out for Canadian discounts.



Disney Magical Express. You arrive at Orlando airport… get on a bus… and can literally head directly to a park! Your vacation starts instantly. No need to worry about your luggage because Mickey and the Crew will deliver it to your room. Ideal with kiddos who just want to run and eat after a 3-hour flight. Plus, a cute Disney video transports you into the magic immediately!

Your pass to the World, is the only thing you need. Leave your wallet at the hotel (bring some cash), all you need to do is tap; to get into your room, to buy stuff, to eat, everything and anything! Mindless. No thinking. And that’s what a vacation is really about, right?

Extra Magic Hours = the best hours. Every day, a different park opens early and stays open later, for those staying on-site. That means, getting on your favorite ride, without potentially waiting 3-hours or stressing about Fast Passes. (This is also the worst day to visit the park, more on that below).

You don’t need a car! Hop on-and-off Disney Transportation, including buses, boats, tramway, and the new skyliner, to-and-from parks, resorts, and Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney). Transport is available at hotel and park entrances, and comes-and-goes every 10 minutes. No parking, no parking fees, less walking, less thinking! Your personal bus/car/tram driver awaits.

• Note: You get a Magic Band bracelet as your pass to the World if you stay on-site, otherwise you need to pay for one if you want one (instead of . Otherwise you get a card. Honestly, the $12 bracelet per adult is worth it – less to carry, especially at the parks! Here's some extra info on Magic Bands and Admission Cards: disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/plan/my-disney-experience/bands-cards/


It’s relatively expensive. A hotel off-site will cost you less. Solution: look for Disney-affiliated hotels. You’ll get some of the Disney perks, at a bit of a lower cost… Or, stay in a rental property (more on that below). How much is the magic worth to you, haha?


If you are going as a couple…

Do not stay at a value resort, or at a resort that has a character dinning restaurant. These attract kids, and you probably don’t want to be around screaming kids when you wake up or head back to your hotel after a full day (with kids). Value resorts also attract a lot of young sports teams and cheerleader competitors, meaning truckloads of kids and teens.
I’d suggest Port Orleans Riverside since it is and upgrade that is affordable. But if you’re looking to splurge, then stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge (wake up to Giraffes and other safari animals at your balcony!), Polynesian Village, or Grand Floridian.
• Staying at a higher-end resort also means you have access to better restaurants on-site, which means you can “stay in” some nights!

If you are going as a family…

• A value All Star Resort or Disney’s Art of Animation are more than perfect. They are most kid-friendly in terms of the beautiful grounds (so much to see and do!), and quite honestly, you’ll never be in the room relaxing anyway… you’re in Disney!!

If you are going as a family, with grandparents…

• Book a family suite! Resorts like Disney’s Art of Animation offer family suites themed Lion King, Cars, Finding Nemo, etc. There’s a reason there are so many grandparents in Disney World… it’s hard to keep up with the kids! So get a suite, invite the grandparents, and maybe benefit from some time for yourself.


Skip the Mousekeeping. You can decide not to use housekeeping service and redeem $10 gift certificate a day. My family personally dislikes housekeeping whenever we vacation and usually put “do not disturb sign” and just change our towels ourselves. Why? We thoroughly disinfect the room when we get there (especially that remote), right? Did you ever realize they use the same rag and sponge for every room they clean? Gross.

Ask for baby gear. You can ask for a playpen and bedsheets.

You can ask for a microwave. They have limited number per hotel, but worth asking if you need to warm up a bottle (I know, microwaves are terrible but a few times won’t hurt anyone).

Consider transportation options from each resort. All resorts offer bus service. Art of Animation offers bus and skyliner (new!). Port Orleans offers boat and bus. Grand Floridian offers bus, boat and monorail… For instance.

• For information about each resort and rates: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/resorts/


If you are not staying on-site, I found the most perfect place just this past vacation: Storey Lake Resort in Kissimmee (I am not getting paid to say this!).

Storey Lake Resort has several gated communities in the same area, for long-term stays (houses and villas) or short-term stays (condos and townhouses). It is located 10.5 miles from Orlando International Airport (about 30 minutes) and approximately 3 miles (about 10 minutes) from Disney World.

Here’s the link to resort details: storeylakeresort.com/.

The best part about rental properties: nightly rate is less than a Disney resort (and most hotels), for a lot more space!

If you’ve never stayed in a rental property before, do it, regardless of whether or not you have kids.

Top 6 reasons to stay in a rental property:

1- More space to shower and live – hotel rooms are… cozy (especially at Disney resorts!)

2- Easy mornings – make quick breakfasts at home rather than running to and waiting at a restaurant

3- Hello, play area – hotels equal playing on the bed, because I’d never let Lea touch the carpet!

4- No loud neighbors – Lea is a light sleeper!

5- Privacy – no one walking by, no knocks at the door, no cleaning lady

6- Lighter suitcases – wash your clothes, buy stuff at the grocery store, leave stuff behind for next guests, etc

Back to Storey Lake Resort. We (3 families) stayed in a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom, private pool (all pools are fenced due to alligators, yes) townhouse for $1,748 US, that is $2,325 CAN, which is $775 CAN per family. Amazing price, right?

It gets better… Storey Lake Resort has a common area with lazy river, large pool, hot tub, splash pad (Lea’s favorite), two waterslides, mini golf, tennis court, basketball court, kayak rental (with alligators, yes), bar and grill, gym, games and activities. You get everything a hotel offers (and more)! Here are the details and pictures: storeylakeresort.com/amenities/.

And last, property managers handle everything from the moment you book. Questions once on-site, anything you need, they are an app message away! Yes, there’s an app.

You can book Storey Lake Resort via VRBO.

Fun fact:
There are many furniture rental companies in the area that you can use to rent highchairs, cribs, bbqs, etc not offered by the property rental. We rented from Reunion Home Services: www.reunionhomeservices.com/. Items we rented: two highchairs and one crib. A mattress does come with the crib, but we opted to buy one at Walmart and then just leave it at the townhouse. Bedsheets came from home.


Note: Dinning Plans can only be purchased if you are staying on-site


The all-inclusive way. Dinning Plans mean your food credits are on your pass (or your $12 bracelet). Mindless, remember.

• You can only get the Dinning Plan if you are staying on-site, and you need to take it for the duration of your stay (not a portion of it). If you are planning to stay on Disney grounds the entire time, then yes, get the dinning plan. At the minimum, get the Quick Service Plan. But my recommendation is to get the Disney Dinning Plan. 
-Here’s what is included in each: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/dining/plans/.

-If you are staying on-site but visiting a non-Disney park (like Universal or Island of Adventures), you’re dinning plan isn’t a waste on those days… eat breakfast at the resort, and use your lunch or dinner another day! Whatever is unused can be used another day.
-I’ll tell you how to be smart with your meal bookings further below.


• It’s expensive if you are considering going grocery shopping and having sandwiches, salads and snacks. If you are planning to eat at restaurants, it will always come out cheaper with a dinning plan.

Gratuities are not included.



If you are staying on-site, a car is completely useless because Disney offers transportation for everyone. Transportation is easy, stress free, and seamless – even if you are carrying a child, 3 backpacks and a stroller. And Cast Members are always helpful… as are guests!

• If ever you need to run to the pharmacy for something not sold on-site (like formula), you can grab a taxi from any Disney Resort… or… you can just call a Minnie Van!! My favorite. If you think a minivan isn’t cool, it’s because you haven’t seen this one: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/guest-services/minnie-van-service/.

If you are not staying on-site (or at an affiliated hotel that offers transport to parks), you definitely need a car… actually, you need a minivan. They are THE BEST for travelling. You’ll want to get groceries, and drive to Disney World, where you’ll then have access to all Disney Parks and Hotels. See next section for parking at Disney.


Staying on-site gives you:
• Access to Dinning Plan
• Access to Disney Transport without having to trick the system (see “BUT” below)
• Extra Magic Hours at different parks per day
• Access to full-time magic!

Not staying on-site gives you:
• Real freedom to do what you’d like since you’ll have a car
• More money in your pocket

BUT! If you are not staying on-site, here’s a hack for you to benefit from some on-site guest perks:
• When visiting a park, if there are Extra Magic Hours, book a breakfast at the park, so that you can get early access regardless of whether you are staying on-site.
Park at Disney Springs to take advantage of Disney Transportation to-and-from parks and hotels. This avoids you having to pay for parking at the parks and having to walk those very long distances to the park doors (shorter walking distance if you pay for Preferred Parking at $50 US… guilty, we did it, we were tired of walking so much haha)


When planning which park to go to:

• Unless it is low season and you plan on getting there one hour before Rope Drop, do not visit a park on a day that has Extra Magic Hours. You think it’s a great idea to get an extra hour… so does everyone else.

What to bring to the park:

• Most important of all, bring a wireless phone charger, that way you can charge while in line or on the go. If not, you will have to find charging stations scattered throughout the park, and wait patiently for your phone to charge. You’ll want to take pictures, and you’ll want to use that app!

Pictured above: When you don't bring a wireless charger (Jan 2019)

Wear layers. It is colder in the morning and at night.

Pictured above: Hazy Mornings at Magic Kingdom (Jan 2020) (I know, the Christmas decor was still up!)

Bring refillable water bottles. Regardless of whether you are on a Dinning Plan or not, there’s no reason to waste money on water. Do not bring the Rapid Refill mugs given with your dinning plan - free refills are only valid at resorts and the cups do not keep your drink cold.

Bring ponchos from home (do not buy them there $$$) if there is any chance of rain.

Wear comfortable shoes. You will take many thousands of steps.

What to bring for younger kids: bring change of clothes, cap, sunscreen, diapers, lots of water wipes, throwable changing pads and bibs, water bottle, and milk bottle if necessary. Also, an activity for them to do while waiting it long lines (Play Doh, Magic Markers, etc). Do not bring more than you need, it gets heavy.

One backpack per adult works best. Don’t put anything important in it, so that you can leave it in the stroller when riding. Do bring a pouch or side purse for important things like phone, id, camera, and some cash.

• Everything you bring will be checked by a Security Cast Member, every bag will be opened. Don’t stuff your bags.

Bring a stroller (from home or purchased in Orlando) with your family name to properly distinguish it from the million other strollers.
-Why not rent? It will take time to get one when you enter; they are for older kids; and your kid may not be comfortable sleeping in them.
-You are no longer allowed stroller wagons (too difficult to manoeuvre in crowds).
-Park in stroller parking lots. Otherwise, your stroller will be moved and good luck finding it.
-You are not allowed to have your stroller in line with you (with reason, it would be too hectic, there are so many kids). The only ride that allows stroller in line is: Kilimanjaro Safari (because it is very long).

Pictured above: Thousands of strollers (Jan 2019)

• If you choose to purchase anything at the parks (or anywhere in the World, for that matter)…
-If you are staying on-site, they will ship it directly to your room.
-And regardless of whether you are staying on-site or off-site, they can ship your purchase directly to your home if you have no space in your suitcase.

Once you’ve chosen which park to go to on which day:

• Download the My Disney Experience App on your phone. Link your tickets to your phone, along with all your guests. Need help? Speak with a Cast Member: 407-939-4357.

Plan everything literally the moment you buy your tickets to Disney. And throw any kid sleep schedules out the window – seriously, you’re on vacation… in Disney.

• I believe it is best to eat breakfast at your rental property or at your hotel, unless you book a reservation prior to park opening, just so you can get in before everyone else.

Plan to get to the park 60-90 minutes before opening. Yes. Otherwise you’ll never ride Avatar at Animal Kingdom (3.5 hour wait by noon), for instance.
-You need to run to the most popular ride quickly. Especially if you have kids. It’s called Rope Drop, and you have to be there for Rope Drop!
-If you aren’t headed to a popular ride first, run to your favorite character meet and greet, otherwise start at the back of the park, and make your way forward. If you have kids, this is best, as most kid rides are at the back anyway!

You cannot share your park pass or World bracelet. You will give your fingerprint upon entering any park, which will be linked to your account.

Quickest way to travel through Magic Kingdom?
-Go through Emporium i.e. all of the left-hand side stores when you are facing the castle are connected, do not walk on the street with the crowd

Pictured above: Emporium to the left. (Jan 2020)

Book your Fast Passes 60 days in advance (if staying on-site) and 30 days in advance (if not staying on-site). Literally, set your alarm.
-You get 3 Fast Passes, once those expire, then you have book more, one at a time.
-Therefore, Fast Pass tips:
(a) Book morning Fast Passes, so that when that last one expires, you can book more. If you book a Fast Pass for 4:00 pm, there are very limited chances of getting anything else on-site once that one expires. Book them 9-10, 10-11, 11-12.
(b) Do not feel the need to book your three Fast Passes. You can add or change on a daily basis leading up to the day you go to the park. Guests change their mind as their park date approaches, so keep checking back, often!
(c) Do not book Fast Passes for children without tickets (under 3), as they sit on your lap.
(d) Have your phone on you at the park. You scan your park pass or bracelet in order to get in Fast Pass line, and at that point, you can book your next Fast Pass while in line.
(e) You get 15-min grace period with Fast Passes, so don’t worry about being a few minutes late.
(f) If the majority of your group has Fast Pass, the Cast Members will normally let all of you go. They understand that you may have booked your park tickets at different times and may not all have had the luck of getting the Fast Pass.

• Do not eat plan to eat lunch or dinner at obvious times. Eat lunch at 11:00 am, and dinner at 4:00 pm to avoid lineups, and get reservations at your favorite restaurants.
- Therefore, tips:
(a) Book your restaurant way in advance. Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom is extremely hard to get into. I’ve eaten there once, and it’s totally worth the hassle of getting the reservation 😊
(b) You are allowed to cancel your dinner reservations without penalty ($10 US pp) up until 24 hours before, so keep checking back especially the day before your desired reservation, because guests do change their minds.
(c) If you have a meal plan, or not, and really want to experience a nice restaurant or Character Dinning, book a meal time that costs less! Eating at Cinderella’s Palace and Be Our Guest, for instance, are less expensive for breakfast, for a very similar experience.
(d) If you don’t have a dinning plan or do not want to eat all meals at sit-down restaurants, you can order fast service food or snacks via the app. Restaurants have a specific line for Mobile Orders. You can book this when you book your Disney ticket too (as in, from Montreal(, and then just click “order” when you are ready to eat, at the park, in Orlando. Easy peasy.

Plan around events and parades. Eyes on the parade, mean less guests on rides or in line for character meet and greets.
-If you want to watch the parade from Main Street, you need to secure your spot 30-45 minutes prior. So go to the bathroom, grab a snack, and sit!
-Note that characters can never be in two places at once in a same park, but still make your way to meet and greet… at least you can get a head-start on the line!
-Parade schedule is on the app, book accordingly.

Rider Switch option is available, meaning an adult can wait with non-rider while the other rides, and then switch upon return.
-More details and list of rides that offer Rider Switch are here: disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/guest-services/rider-switch/

Single Rider Lines are a great hack for guests who want to rush through lines and don’t mind riding alone. They are seat fillers.
-Rides that offer Single Rider Lines:
-Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run (Hollywood Studios)
-Rock n Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios)
-Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom)
-Test Track (Epcot)

Even if the park is about to close, get in line for the ride! They will stay open until all riders ride.

Rest between park days!!


How many days do we recommend at each park, with children, if everything is planned properly, weather is nice, and it’s low season:
-Magic Kingdom: 1 full full day (12 hours minimum) to ensure enough time for attractions and parades. If you can do 2, then do so.
-Epcot: 1 day at Epcot if you like visiting the Worlds, otherwise with kids who don’t have patience for seeing countries, 6-8 hours is plenty.
-Animal Kingdom: 6-8 hours. Unless you’re waiting in one of those long 3-hour lines.
-Hollywood Studios: 1 day.

Is Memory Maker worth it? Memory Maker is a PhotoPass, where all pictures taken by photographers or rides at any park, are available for you to download. It is $169 US if bought ahead of time. It is not a necessity, because the photographers will gladly take pictures with your own camera or phone. However, PhotoPass photos are high-resolution, and capture you on rides! We get it every time. Here’s more info: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/memory-maker/


We strongly encourage rest day between parks, especially with kids,

Resort Hop! There’s so much to see at each hotel, you can spend a few days just visiting. Our favorites:
-Animal Kingdom Lodge: see safari animals (animals feed between 10am and noon so go before or after that)
-Art of Animation: Mermaid, Lion King, and Cars statues for pictures, plus small park zones throughout

Mini Putt at Disney's Fantasia Gardens

• Shop: Florida Mall (there’s a Disney Store), Orlando Premium Outlets, Walmart (has Disney stuff), etc. Store info in last section of this article.

• Eat, shop and visit Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) during the day and in the evening (nighttime: shows, magicians, entertainment)



• Meal inclusions in each plan: disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/dining/
-Quick Service Plan includes: 2 quick-service meals + 2 snacks or non-alcoholic drinks
-Dinning Plan includes: 1 quick service + 1 table service + 2 snacks or non-alcoholic drinks
-Deluxe Dinning Plan includes: 3 meals + 2 snacks or non-alcoholic drinks

-“Beverage” also includes alcoholic drink for adults
-“Snacks” can also be used as drinks but include soda, coffee, tea, hot chocolate (no alcoholic drinks)

Using Dinning Plans Wisely

• You can use meal credits whenever you want during your vacation. Example: you can use two meals one day, none the next (ex: if you are going to Universal Studios), etc etc.

One quick service = 3 snacks. So if you are not very hungry, consider snacking. Or, if you have a quick service leftover at the end of your stay, bring back 3 candy souvenirs.

Dessert can be traded for soup, salad, or other side item (ex. fruit or fries).

Beverage can be traded for snack or water bottle to go.

Your receipt will always list your personal remaining credits.

• Gratuities are not included with meal plans.

When booking restaurants (unlike Fast Passes), you need to reserve for the children (even if under 3 without park pass).

If you cancel or do not show up for a reservation, you WILL be charged $10 US per person.

I strongly suggest the Disney Dinning Plan (includes 1 quick + 1 table + 2 snacks) simply because the Deluxe is a lot of food, especially when you want to get so much done at the parks, you likely won’t sit down for a long meal except if it’s at a restaurant with a dinning experience.
-Tip: Even on the Disney Dinning Plan, there is a lot of food. Consider splitting the meal to get more from your plan. Cast members will even give you a second plate.

Best Ways to Use Quick Service Meals
- Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom is considered a Quick Service Breakfast and Lunch. It is the most expensive Quick-Service in Disney World. Book it!
- Landscape of Flavors at Art of Animation is a Quick-Service food court with options that differ from your typical Quick-Service burger and chicken.
-Mara in Animal Kingdom Lodge has exotic quick service food choices.

Snack Credits can also be used for Starbucks coffee and Dole Whip ice cream!

Rapid Refill Mugs
-You can buy a Rapid Refill Mug for $19.99 or get one for free through your dinning plan.
-These entitle you to unlimited refills at Disney Hotels during the duration of your stay… not at restaurants, Disney Springs, and parks (so leave them at the hotel).
-They include: hot chocolate, coffee, soft drinks, and tea. No milk or real juices.
-Mugs are only valid for the length of your stay. They are RFID-based meaning the machines judge them “valid” before refilling.

Which Restaurants does my Family Love and for Which Meal does it Make Most Sense?

-Be Our Guest Restaurant (Magic Kingdom)
When? For breakfast or lunch (considered quick service at these times)
Why? It’s Beauty & the Beast inspired and just so beautiful!

-Crystal Palace Character Dinning (Magic Kingdom)
When? For breakfast, it’s cheaper
Why? Character dinning with Winnie the Pooh & Crew (fun), and buffet is great for adults and kids alike.

-Landscape of Flavours (Art of Animation)
When? For breakfast
Why? Awesome non-traditional selection (less American)

-Chef Mickey’s (Contemporary Resort)
When? For breakfast
Why? Character dinning with Mickey & Crew, especially if you don’t get to meet them at the parks

-Restaurantosaurus (Animal Kingdom)
When? For lunch
Why? Great burgers. We’re not into trying “different” flavours when going on rides.

-Grand Floridian Café (Grand Floridian)
When? For dinner
Why? High-end without spending the money on the other restaurants in this grand hotel.

-Boatwright’s Dinning Hall (Port Orleans Riverside)
When? For dinner
Why? Delicious Southern meal

-Narcoossee’s (Grand Floridian)
When? For dinner
Why? High-end dinning and a view of the castle – book during fireworks so you can see them!

-Tutto Italia / Tutto Gusto Ristorante (Epcot)
When? For dinner
Why? A taste of home!

-Cookes of Dublin (Disney Springs)
When? For lunch
Why? Best fish and chips

-Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza (Disney Springs )
When? For lunch or dinner
Why? Fast, good quality pizza (the line is long, but it goes very fast!)

-Aloha Isle (Magic Kingdom)
When? For snack… Dole whip (share, they are massive)


What should you buy? What should you bring from home?

Pack the princess gear from home. Kid’s don’t know the difference and it’ll save you money. Also, bring kid makeup and sparkles, so you can give them the complete Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique look, for far less than the $75-200 US packages offered on-site https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/shops/magic-kingdom/bibbidi-bobbidi-boutique-park/

Make family tshirts or sweatshirts. Easier to spot each other in the crowds.

Buy Mickey Ears on-site.

Bring cash! You need cash to buy things like balloons, which are great for attaching to your stroller so you can find it.

You can buy souvenirs at the park (and ship it if staying on-site) or at Disney Springs. Or, to save money, here are other places to shop:

- Walmart in Kissimmee carries a lot of official Disney merch for cheap (different from what's in actual Disney stores). Get tops for your park visits! Address: 1471 E Osceola Pkwy, Kissimmee, FL 34744, United States
- Many of the apparel found at Walmart can be found at this Disney Gift Outlet (looks like a hole in the wall) for 2-for-1 pricing. Address: 14851 S Apopka Vineland Rd S, Orlando, FL 32821, United States
-Disney Store in Florida Mall has the same merch you’ll find at the parks, for less! Address: 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809, United States

Is my baby too young to go to Disney? Is it even worth it at this age?

We took Lea, twice under two years old. So my answer is obvious: You are never too young or too old for Disney!!!!
There are 28 rides at Magic Kingdom, and you can do 24 with kids of any age and height (they just sit on your lap!). Lea did them at 9 months, and again at 21 months!
Every time we’ve traveled with Lea, she’s come back more grown-up, more patient, and wiser. Travel… often!!!!! Do Disney, there's absolutely no reason to wait.
You can find ride list here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/attractions/

I love this place for the many memories it has given us!

My happy place!!